There are many dynamics involved in planning, constructing and operating a profitable car wash. Wunderbar Equipment Sales Inc. guides both new and established car wash operators every step of the way.  We are a full-service car wash builder and distributor specializing in car wash layout and design manufacturing, equipment selection, sales, installation, and service.


our capabilities

We specialize in design and installation of:
  • New! Soft Star Foam Wash
  • Soft Cloth Wash
  • Cotton Cloth Wash
  • Hand and Touchless Wash
  • Bus and Truck Wash
  • Self Serve and In-Bay Automatic

our technical expertise includes:

  • Site layout and car wash System design
  • Car wash equipment installation and service
  • Water recycling and filtration systems
  • Car wash controllers and computer systems
  • electrical systems and energy saving devices
  • Vacuum and Mats cleaning systems